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No one wants to have loose, flabby arms. Dr. Doolabh specializes in treating flabby or loose upper arms with an arm lift. This procedure has helped many men and women in the North Florida area feel more confident in the appearance of their arms.

Why are my arms flabby?

    • Fat accumulation due to weight gain or genetics. This can be a very stubborn zone to knock out with diet and exercise alone.
    • Extra skin due to significant weight loss. The fat shrinks but the skin does not.
    • Sagging, loose skin with extra fat accumulated over time—an unwanted combination that really shows our age.

Dr. Doolabh will plan your procedure to make the incisions the shortest and most inconspicuous as possible, depending on your desired goals and body shape. For patients with excess fat in the inner and hind quadrants of their arms, liposuction can assist. If you have reasonably good skin tone and simply excess fat, you may be a candidate for liposuction, alone.

After surgery, your arms will be wrapped in a snug, comfortable compression to limit swelling and help your skin shrink to your new contour for 4-6 weeks. Arm movements such as lifting, pushing, pulling or climbing against significant resistance (10 lbs or more) should be limited for 4-6 weeks.

46 year old female pictured before and three months after bilateral brachioplasty (upper arm lift). Patient 19265
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