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At Contemporary Plastic Surgery, minimizing scarring after a surgical procedure is a top concern. However, many patients also see Dr. Doolabh for scar treatment on visible scars due to acne or accidents from earlier in life. Sometimes, a scar can make us feel very self-conscious if it is raised or a different color or texture than our natural skin. The goal of scar treatments is to minimize the scar so that it more closely matches the surrounding skin.

Typical scar treatments:

  • Scar Revision Surgery will attempt to minimize and correct an existing scar so that it is less conspicuous and blends in with the surrounding skin tone and texture.
  • Topical treatments such as gels, tapes or external compression, can help in wound closure and healing, or to reduce the ability of skin to produce irregular pigment following surgery.
  • Injectables can be used to fill depressed or concave scars. Routine treatments may be repeated in order to maintain results.
  • Laser treatments will help reduce the pinkness from underlying blood vessel growth, lift pigmentation that can result from inflammation, and retexturize the scar. Micropigmentation is an excellent tool for matching and restoring colors.
  • Microneedling creates thousands of microscopic channels through the skin that intensifies natural wound healing. The immediate release of growth factors promotes the deposition of normal woven collagen to tighten, soften, lighten and flatten scars. Scars become barely noticeable when you multiply this effect with the infusion of platelet rich plasma (PRP). The PRP concentrate of your individual growth factors is processed from a small sample of your own blood.

SkinPen is a FDA cleared microneedling device that is clinically proven to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars. By creating multiple microchannels with adjustable needle depths, the SkinPen helps stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process. Your SkinPen treatment comes with a hyaluronic acid topical that does not cause inflammation or hypersensitivity, as it is meant for use on broken skin.

Scar Treatment Before & After Photos

63-year-old female pictured before and 3 months after scar revision treatment. The patient had undergone a previous tummy tuck elsewhere and didn't like the scar. Patient #19980
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