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Scar Treatments Jacksonville

At Contemporary Plastic Surgery, minimizing your scars is a top concern. Reducing the amount of tension on tissue edges with layered closures, the use of barbed sutures, and injecting the edges with growth factors or steroids during surgery is the first step. Shortly afterwards, topical products that are massaged into the scar are offered. While your body’s deposition of disorderly collagen fibers into a scar over the ensuing months can not be controlled, Dr. Doolabh offers several options to offset this phenomenon. Laser treatments will help reduce the pinkness from underlying blood vessel growth, lift pigmentation that can result from inflammation, and retexturize the scar. Micropigmentation is an excellent tool for matching and restoring colors. Rooted in basic science, our most innovative treatment of medical microneedling creates thousands of microscopic channels through the skin that intensifies natural wound healing. The immediate release of growth factors promotes the deposition of normal woven collagen to tighten, soften, lighten and flatten scars. Scars become barely noticeable when you multiply this effect with the infusion of platelet rich plasma (PRP). The PRP concentrate of your individual growth factors is processed from a small sample of your own blood. So if you want to avoid downtime or daily application of topical products for months, call us today for your consultation and get started on minimizing your scars today!

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