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RealSelf Patient Reviews of Vaishali Doolabh, MD

  • “Outstanding professionalism blended with excellence and caring. Fantastic treatment by everyone that helped me.” – JA
  • “I love this group and thought it was an outstanding experience and I enjoyed this experience. The doctor is such a beautiful soul and her team is outstanding; everyone makes you feel beautiful even when you feel you look terrible. I can’t say enough wonderful things about my service” – JA
  • “She’s [Dr. Doolabh] a 10- always patient and caring.” – JJ
  • “The hyperbaric treatments were very helpful with my healing.” Form – JJ
  • “Dr. Doolabh is a brilliant plastic surgeon who never ceases to amaze me. I look beautiful! A heartful thank you.” – PG
  • “I am very happy and pleased to have chosen this surgery staff to do my implants.” – LS
  • “I am totally in awe with Dr. Doolabh and her staff. They are by far the most caring and warm people.” – LS
  • “Felt like sisters…which is nice because discussing and exposing your body can feel uncomfortable” – CV
  • “I cancelled the other consult after meeting Dr. Doolabh, she was great. I knew she was an excellent doctor, her personality sealed it.” – DV
  • “Have you ever had a prayer answered?!” – CR
  • “Dr. Doolabh is a very compassionate doctor- love her!” – AM
  • “The staff treated me like I was the only customer.” – MY
  • “I feel like I am their only client.” – JY
  • “The service offered at CPS is remarkable! The entire staff was extremely patient and accommodating throughout the entire process. They really treat you like family.” – JY
  • “Impressed by everyone in surgery room. Means a lot to see staff friendly with each other and to be attentive and helpful to my needs.” – DH
  • “I loved all the special precautions and treatments taken for procedures.” – AG
  • “All office staff is excellent- very kind, caring, and knowledgably answer questions.” -PG
  • “Dr. Doolabh is brilliant and compassionate, a wonderful, very skilled, excellent plastic surgeon.” -PG
  • “I’ve never had a doctor who cared as much as Dr. Doolabh!” -BT
  • “I felt so safe, comfortable and important.” -BT
  • “Completely thrilled with all procedures, wish I would have done them years ago-looking forward to future services.” -CJ
  • “I knew just from one phone call that I wanted to come for a consult.” -RB
  • “She [Dr. Doolabh] actually listened to what I needed to feel better about myself.” -RB
  • “Dr. Doolabh was not all about everything she could do to me, instead she listened to my wants and expectations and let me choose my options.”- RB
  • “The whole staff with Dr. Doolabh makes an excellent team. I feel extremely lucky to have found a place that helped me with a life changing procedure that I never thought I would ever consider going through myself.” -RB
  • “She’s got a great personality and she really cared that I was there, the whole staff did!” -DM
  • “I am very pleased with the results of my surgery! Everyone is concerned and caring. I felt safe and confident with the procedures and office visits.” -RP
  • “Dr. Doolabh answered questions I didn’t even think to ask.” -MD
  • “I consulted with two others, but found Doolabh and her staff were the best!” form – JO
  • “I enjoyed my breast augmentation and almost am going to miss the whole process- it was wonderful and I got to know the office very well.” – JO
  • “Dr. Doolabh- I give her a 10 in all areas of professionalism.”- CL
  • “My expectations of the practice, as a whole, were exceeded.” -KB
  • “Quality of visits extremely high- she [Dr. Doolabh] is always willing to answer my questions.” -JP
  • “She [Dr. Doolabh] was wonderful, I didn’t feel rushed and she took the time to answer all my questions”. – NC
  • “I would send my own daughter here without hesitation” -KM
  • “I am extremely pleased with everything about my experience. The flowers were a really nice surprise!” -SE
  • “I have only positive things to say about the entire staff. I really enjoy my visits! – LV
  • “The hyperbaric therapy has made my recovery faster and easier” -SE
  • “Once I met Dr. Doolabh, I did not feel the need to consult with another physician” -CW
  • “Dr. Doolabh is very knowledgeable and friendly, I had 100% confidence in her” -SA
  • “She [Dr. Doolabh] was patient and helpful. She answered everything and even more” -GC
  • “Dr. was outstanding. Very passionate and caring. Look forward to seeing her again” -MS
  • “Dr. Doolabh is the most personable and knowledgeable Dr. I know” -CN
  • “I have never been treated this good at another Dr’s office. You guys are great!”- JN
  • “My whole experience went smoothly from start to finish. I felt comfortable and taken care of. Thank you so much, I feel complete now!” -HN
  • “The best, friendliest staff ever!” -SH
  • “Scale of 1-10, she [Dr. Doolabh] is a 10!” -NP
  • “She [Dr. Doolabh] was very patient and answered all of my questions and made me feel secure in her abilities” -EL
  • “The biggest strong point was the thoughtfulness. Not only was I treated well on a doctor/patient level; I was treated as a friend” -EL
  • “Very knowledgeable, gives good explanations and takes time” -AG
  • “I honestly cannot think of any weak points. I received my surgery date very quick and I am very happy” -JH
  • “The staff is such an important part of representing the doctor and her values and you get such incredible care from each of these fine people” -RJ
  • “She is always so kind and easy to talk with” -LO
  • “She is amazing! I will refer everyone I know!” -TC
  • “All staff members are extremely pleasant and accommodating-very nice ladies” – TC
  • “Dr. Doolabh and her team are a great combo of skill and caring attitudes.”- H.S.

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