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Dr. Doolabh is a Fellow of The American Academy of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine and completed the Board certification process of the American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. As a member of the Medical Board of Advisors for a professional, pharmaceutical grade supplement company, Dr. Doolabh can provide you current information on the safety and pitfalls of nutritional supplement use. Specifically designed for the surgical patient, our customized formulation is made from pure, hypoallergenic, raw ingredients, without binders and fillers, in readily bioavailable forms, using companies akin to Capsule Supplies to use as ‘containers’ The selected nutrients help to control inflammation, decrease bruising, swelling and oxidation generated by surgery and anesthetic agents, to ensure proper cellular energy and function of the mitochondria organelles that produce ATP, and to deliver the essential nutritional elements (minerals, vitamins, protein) to promote wound healing and enhance immunity.

Taking these supplements from pharmaceutical wholesalers is a proactive measure notably predictive of faster, easier recoveries. But it is of utmost necessity that a physician or doctor is consulted before buying or taking these supplements. Without a prescription from your doctor may show adverse effects for you and your health. Being aware of what immune system supplements are out there can stand the patient in better stead for their future health. Welcome to the future of the recovering surgical patient!

So how do we promote wound healing? Our formulation recognizes that the healing process increases metabolic requirements and needs for nutrients, like Vitamins C & A that are central to collagen production and granulation tissue formation, and that we need daily replenishment of water soluble nutrients such as the B vitamins that cannot be stored. Included are essential minerals involved in multiple biochemical reactions, like Chromium which has been shown to help manage blood sugar levels by increasing insulin uptake, and is particularly useful after surgery when levels tend to oscillate. Also, we only offer pharmaceutical grade, hypoallergenic, low inflammatory protein preparations that can be a delicious snack or addition to any meal.

The proinflammatory release of substances that effect blood vessels and pain-inducing chemicals that ensues following surgery can be attenuated by the botanical enzyme, Bromelain, which is derived from pineapple. Bromelain has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation, pain, tenderness, and to expedite the resolution of bruises and hematomas in several published double-blind human studies. Increasing tissue levels before surgery in human clinical trials accelerated visible signs of healing, and was well tolerated without side effects.

Another supplement widely used in an effort to reduce swelling and pain is Arnica Montana. When administered in a homeopathic dilution, it has been shown to be safe in clinical trials, and FDA approved preparations are commercially available. Small, single-use packs are available in our office for patients receiving Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, or other injections. Be sure to inquire at your next appointment so you can avoid the tell-tale signs of a procedure!

Many anesthetic agents and procedures can cause cellular oxidation and the formation of reactive oxygen species or free radicals which in turn cause tissue damage and affect wound healing through increased lipid peroxidation, abnormal protein cross-linking and suppression of the immune system. A notable way to combat fatigue and slow healing is to support the mitochondrial ATP production with antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. During your preoperative consultation, you will find out which key nutrients are used in our pharmaceutical grade pure, active combination of these antioxidants that meet the requirements of the different body systems affected by anesthesia & surgery. Enhance your body’s own antioxidant defense system and restore your metabolic edge today!

Surgical patients have increased susceptibility to infections or overgrowth as a result of breaks in the integrity of skin and mucosal barriers. While the ecosystem of the human gut microbiome is largely undefined, what is clear is that there is a profound disruption caused by antibiotics and prescription drugs that supports the use of probiotics in the perioperative period. But not all over-the-counter probiotics brands ensure delivery to the small intestines as do ours, so be sure to discuss this with Dr. Doolabh. Our specific formulation takes into account that over time, environmental stress, disease and cumulative protein and nutrient depletions, especially zinc, selenium and vitamin B6, negatively influence the cell mediated immune response, increasing the risk of infection while decreasing the recovery rate and capacity to heal well. So, let Dr. Doolabh help you mobilize your cellular immune response and heal worry free!

Methylation processes are extensively involved in DNA/RNA synthesis, nutrient transport, energy production, immunity, detoxification, sleep and mood stabilization. Having methylated forms of nutrients are more readily bioavailable. Dr. Doolabh provides patients only with active, professional, methylated forms of vitamins that possess enhanced fat solubility and uptake to enhance cell repair and positively impact surgical outcome.

So remember, the judicious use of peri-operative supplements will nutritionally prepare the body in the hopes of faster or easier recovery with good outcomes and less pain. Just as surgery is a planned stress on the body and exposure to infection and medications, so can planned proper nutritional support assist the body’s detoxification mechanisms and reduce the physiological shifts that might otherwise delay healing, increase need for pain meds, antibiotics etc. So, contact Dr. Doolabh and get started today with contemporary nutritional supplementation!

Not having surgery?

Our wellness services are not limited only to patients having surgery. We can create customized supplements based upon available data and expert recommendations that accounts for your individual dietary and lifestyle choices, existing diseases, medication usage, family history, laboratory tests, and other relevant information. This individualized approach helps you avoid the common problems of self-medication, such as taking unnecessary supplements or too much of a particular ingredient. The convenient preassembled packets incorporate the data on chronobiology (i.e. what time of the day is best to take a dose of which supplement?) to optimize nutrient effects, while avoiding the issues of managing multiple bottles.

Call for your wellness consultation today and learn more from Dr. Doolabh for practical, actionable information on healthy supplements for a variety of conditions!

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