Reduction Mammaplasty Recovery

For women, overly large breasts can be a curse, causing numerous mental and physical issues. Getting a breast reduction (also known as a reduction mammaplasty) is often the best option to correct these issues. After this surgery, patients feel an immediate difference in the strain on their bodies. However, they still must go through the reduction mammaplasty recovery process.

Medical sutures are used to close incision(s) created during a breast reduction. These will need to be removed after an appropriate reduction mammaplasty recovery period of up to three weeks. If dissolvable sutures were used during the breast reduction surgery, however, removal will not be necessary.

If you’re interested in getting a breast reduction and want to learn more about the reduction mammaplasty recovery process, speak to a qualified plastic surgeon about it. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vaishali Doolabh will be happy to discuss it with you and answer your questions. Set up an appointment with Dr. Doolabh by contacting our office.