Reduction Mammaplasty Jacksonville

Do you wish your oversized breasts would stop causing you emotional, social, and physical problems? If so, reduction mammaplasty may be right for you.

When performing reduction mammaplasty, plastic surgeons can use unique and personalized methods to give patients the best possible results.

For those patients with a great deal of excess breast tissue, the incisions used for reduction mammaplasty will be made in an anchor pattern. This involves a circle around the areola, a vertical line down to the breast fold, and a curved horizontal incision on the breast crease.

If you have excessively large breasts and feel that reduction mammaplasty is right for you, pay a visit to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vaishali Doolabh. Dr. Doolabh will discuss your needs and goals with you and will determine the ideal personalized reduction method for your case. Arrange a consultation by contacting our office today.