Male Facial Procedures Jacksonville

As men get older, their facial architecture changes, as does the quality of their skin. We offer numerous male facial procedures to create area-specific enhancement and rejuvenation.

The neck lift procedure recontours the neck and can be included as part of a facelift, a procedure used to erase lines and wrinkles from the face. To raise sagging eyebrows and erase forehead lines, a brow lift is recommended. Fat transfer is a less-invasive method of filling in wrinkles using fat cells from other parts of the body. Drooping, puffy eyelids can be recontoured with the help of an eyelid lift. Nose reshaping surgery and chin augmentation are also available to enhance the nose and chin.

Experienced board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vaishali Doolabh is an expert in these male facial procedures and numerous other aesthetic procedures. Contact us to arrange a consultation and find out more about the right male facial procedures for you.