Lower Eye Lift Jacksonville

The lower eye lift is an effective method of removing the various signs of aging from the lower eyelids. When you’re discussing your options for your lower eye lift with your plastic surgeon, they may bring up the transconjunctival incision. This is created on the inside of the lower eyelid.

The transconjunctival incision is a great option when it comes to repositioning those uneven deposits of fatty tissue. You won’t see any marks on the outer eyelid afterward. It also isn’t as invasive as the other lower eyelid incision option, which is made on the outside of the eyelid. This cosmetic procedure is for the outward eye area and can help improve the outside appearance of the eyes creating a better and more refined, smoother under-eye, however, if the patient is also looking to have their inner eye done to rectify any eyesight issues that they may have, they will need to see another professional for this medical procedure, as it is past a basic cosmetic one. Looking into helpful resources such as Sharpe Vision Website to see how they can be assisted is a step in the right direction, they can then make their choice as to whether they would like this to happen. It would be best to wait a while after having this cosmetic procedure done to make sure the area has healed correctly and there are no further problems before going for the surgery. Talking to one of the professionals first is important and a necessity, as well as consulting with their doctor.

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