Botox vs. Surgical Correction Jacksonville

Having larger-than-normal gums, called a gummy smile, leads to low self-esteem and embarrassment. When we’re embarrassed about our smiles, we hide them. Don’t hide your smile – there’s a world of solutions just waiting for you.

Botox, for example, isn’t only for wrinkles. If smiling raises your upper lip higher than other people’s, causing gummy smile, it’s because your levator anguli oris muscle is doing more work than it needs to. Botox’s main function is inhibiting nerve signals from reaching muscles. When a qualified professional injects your levator anguli oris muscle with Botox, it will keep your upper lip at a lower level whenever you smile. Though Botox doesn’t last forever, it’s a simple procedure with no downtime and few potential side effects.

Lip lowering, also called lip travel reduction or hypermobile lip surgery, is similar to Botox in that it restricts the upward movement of the top lip. Unlike Botox, however, this type of gummy smile reduction is an invasive surgical procedure. A lip lowering begins with an incision above the top teeth. Tissue is removed, and the top lip is brought downward. The incision is then stitched closed. The entire procedure takes anywhere from a half hour to 45 minutes.

Ready to get the smile you’ve been waiting for? Learn more about gummy smile reduction procedures by discussing them with a physician. Contact our office to set up an appointment. Dr. Vaishali Doolabh, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will answer your questions and help you make the best health decisions.