Forehead Lift Recovery Jacksonville

To reduce the signs of aging in the brow and forehead areas, many people come in for a forehead lift procedure. This cosmetic surgery is able to correct wrinkles and drooping skin. Afterwards, some downtime will be necessary while you experience forehead lift recovery.

The forehead lift recovery process includes addressing swelling and bruising. For two days following the forehead lift, to keep these issues minimized, make sure your head is elevated. It can also be helpful to apply cold compresses to the areas. If you’re gentle with the area and follow these directions, you may be able to lose that swelling within seven days of the procedure.

Dr. Vaishali Doolabh, a skilled, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in the Jacksonville area, can explain more regarding forehead lift recovery. Make an appointment with Dr. Doolabh – contact our office today.