Endoscopic Brow Lift Jacksonville

Are you tired of seeing sagging skin and wrinkles on your forehead and brow? For those patients who only need a smaller degree of lift in the brow and forehead area, we offer the endoscopic brow lift!

When performing an endoscopic brow lift, your plastic surgeon will create three to four very small incisions behind your hairline. This is in contrast to the larger incision necessary for a classic brow lift. The underlying tissue layers are carefully tightened through these incisions.

The endoscopic brow lift procedure might just be the perfect technique for you! The best way to find out is by setting up a consultation at our office. Contact us today to arrange an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vaishali Doolabh, a skilled, experienced medical professional. Dr. Doolabh will be able to answer any questions you may have.