Chin Implant Jacksonville

Many patients are unhappy with their lack of facial harmony. Certain features may be larger or smaller than these patients might like, leading to a disproportionate appearance. To balance your facial features, you may be in need of a chin implant.

Along with a chin implant, chin enhancement can include neck lift techniques to provide full contouring to the area. The incision made for placing the chin implant provides an access point for the plastic surgeon to use internal sutures to tighten the platysma muscles in the neck. This incision can also be used as an access point for a cannula, offering the opportunity for neck liposuction.

Dr. Vaishali Doolabh is a board-certified Jacksonville plastic surgeon with years of aesthetic experience and a high degree of skill. Schedule a chin implant consultation with Dr. Doolabh by contacting our office for an appointment.