Breast Implant Removal Case Study

Patient Background:

A 31-year-old female patient with multiple autoimmune diseases had her first breast augmentation through incisions around the areola approximately 11 years ago. Her breast augmentation surgery was not performed by Dr. Doolabh. The patient then had a replacement surgery because of a rupture 2 years later (with the other surgeon).

Why The Patient Wanted Her Breast Implants Removed:

This patient came to Contemporary Plastic Surgery to have a consultation with Dr. Doolabh 9 years after the breast implant rupture surgery. The patient requested to have her implants removed (removal of the capsules and the tissue lining the implant pocket), with a breast reduction and breast lift. She believed that her recent weight gain, fatigue and “brain fog” would improve following implant removal and total capsulectomy. At the time, the patient was wearing a 34 DDD bra following her last pregnancy. She had no prior trauma to her chest.

Procedure Details:

The patient’s surgery was completed by Dr. Doolabh and involved removal of the implants and capsules in entirety, with a breast lift and breast reduction. Intraoperative findings included normal appearing capsules (thin, noncalcified, soft and compliant). The contained implants had a smooth texture, round shape and the shells were intact.

Patient Response:

Subjectively, the patient reported feeling there was improvement in her symptoms in the weeks following surgery.

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